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Foldimate is on Haffington Post – Great Job Gal Rozov

June 8, 2016

MultiPhy raises $17 million, readies FlexPhy PAM4 chip

January 11, 2016

By: Stephen Hardy DSP-based communications semiconductor company MultiPhy Inc. says it has closed $17 million in its third round of funding. The money comes from existing and new investors, which include venture capitalists and what the company termed strategic corporate leaders.MultiPhy did not disclose the identities of the investors, but Sem...

הייתם קונים מהאפליקציה שלכם מכונית משומשת

December 3, 2015

עומר סביר ואלחנדרו רזניק הבינו שענף מכירת המכוניות המשומשות בארצות הברית הוא "השוק המקולקל ביותר בעולם", וזיהו הזדמנות עסקית. אז הם פיתחו אפליקציה פשוטה, שמאחוריה מערכת טכנולוגית מורכבת ומאות ...

Cal – Israel Innovation Expo & Conference on March 7-9th in San Diego

November 15, 2015

Qualifying exhibitors must have developed Israeli technologies or products across five key industries relevant to Southern California: Technology & High-Tech Medical Devices & Bio Pharmaceuticals Renewable Energy Solutions - Clean & Green Water Conservation Agriculture If you are interested in exhi...

Cybertech 2016, January 26th -27th, 2016 in Tel Aviv.

November 2, 2015

Cybertech 2016, the International Conference & Exhibition for Cyber Solutions, taking place on January 26th -27th, 2016 in Tel Aviv. Use code cybertech20 to receive 10% discount.

24 Israeli Companies You Should Watch For

September 16, 2015

By Ilya Pozin With the Jewish new year here, it seems fitting to look at companies from Israel, a country that is well-known for it’s innovative tech startups, that are showing the most innovation and promise. On Rosh Hashanah, it’s traditional to offer wishes of a sweet new year. And, for these companies, that future looks very sweet indee...

IronSource Merges With Supersonic In Mobile Ad Consolidation Play

September 11, 2015

By Ingrid Lunden (@ingridlunden) On the heels of AOL snapping up Millennial Media last week comes another mobile advertising consolidation play. IronSource, a specialist in mobile app distribution and promotion services, has merged with Supersonic, a mobile ad company specialising in in-game and in-app ads. The deal will create one large mobile ad...

Wishing you all Shana Tova

September 11, 2015

Inside Geektime: How a new app helped us recruit our latest tech reporter

September 2, 2015

By Laura Rosbrow-Telem Without sounding too promotional, Silo, a new app where users ask for and give quick favors, helped us do something that’s pretty hard: recruiting. Read more...

The National Israeli – American Conference, October 17-19,2015

August 31, 2015

The National Israeli - American (IAC) Conference, October 17-19,2015 - use code KENES11 and enjoy a 25 % discount off of the general registration price. Early registration ends today! For additional info and registration 
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