INTRO (Israeli networking organization ) is a community for Israeli executives and founders residing in the Silicon Valley.

INTRO’s goal is to promote networking, ideas exchange and mutual assistance among its members.

INTRO counts among its members more than 1,000 Israeli high tech professionals, including early stage start up leaders and executives in leading corporations, who take part in events and special interest groups.

Past meetings included meetings with leading tech companies and investors in the Bay area, meetups covering diverse topics including new technologies, career development, fundraising and other topics of interest to the Israeli tech professional community.

The Team

Moshik Raccah
Moshik co-founded the IEFF in 2007 and has been tending and growing the organization ever since. In addition to volunteering in the IEFF, Moshik is a full-time startup CEO at, a network connecting professionals through mutual assistance. Prior to Silo, Moshik served as the VP of Strategic Alliances at Amdocs, and as the CEO of Winsite, an Israeli consulting company he founded and later sold to Ness. Moshik has been living in Silicon Valley since 2001 with his wife and two sons.
Oded Hermoni
Oded Hermoni is an early stage investor and entrepreneur. He is a Venture Partner at Rhodium Capital, an investment company focused on early stage companies in Israel and US. Oded serves on the screening committee of TIE Angels and serve as a board member and advisor in several start ups, accelerators and funds. His previous roles include heading and forming of the Israeli High Tech Industry and VC Associations (now IATI and IVA), VP of Capital Point investment group (TASE) and Meytag High Tech ventures, advising to the R&D arm of the Israeli Gov, and serving as a board member and investor in over 25 companies. He co-founded TopIdea, (acquired by Zap Group in 2006) and prior to that served as the leading technology journalist in Israel at Haaretz, TheMarker and RedHerring. Oded served as an officer in the IDF (Captain). He holds BA and MBA, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and two children.
Karen Aharoni Mack
Karen is Intro executive director. Karen is a designer and an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Beavory (a brand for creative kids products), founder of the Israeli Designers Community at Silicon Valley and currently working on her new venture for millennial moms. In addition, she is a social activist for gender equality and a mentor at IAC Eitanim.